Studio time with SJ, Why I love playing music

I just finished recording with one of my favorite musicians, guitarist/singer/songwriter Steph Johnson with able assistance by drummer Fernando Gomez. This is a FUN group, we do a mix of Stephs originals, jazz standards and even one of my originals ! We recorded 12 or 13 tunes at Audio Dimensions , Chris Hobson was our engineer and did a great job- Yay Chris !!  Being in the studio can a serious challenge but all our “ducks were in a row” and it came off well. We have some minor overdubbing and editing left to do but overall it’s “in the can”. The empathy that has developed in this band is astounding- it is all based on trust and confidence in one another as people, musicians, and kindred creative spirits. This group has it all !

Steph Johns, Rob Thorsen, Fernado "Fernie" Gomez

Making Music !

Lately I have come to realize just how amazing being a musician can be- my gigs are (generally) really fun and I could not be happier with the artists I work with. Gilbert Castellanos, Holly Hofmann, Mike Wofford, Joshua White, Duncan Moore, Richard Sellers, Bob Boss, Charles McPherson and others. These are all people have have dedicated their life to music and I am so glad to share this experience with them.

Also my educational program “Jazz an American Art Form” has taken off- we have performed for over 6,000 students this year and have been fortunate enough to get funding to present to Title One (low income) schools in particular. KSDS Jazz 88.3. The San Diego Musicians Union Local 325, Price Charities, Livy Delafield Fund have been instrumental in making this happen. Thank you to all of You !!